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Off For Another Round In Israel

Several years ago I had the distinct privilege of traveling to Israel with my lovely bride. It was an amazing trip! Dale Keffer, a man whom I admire and deeply appreciate led the trip. 

This year I was offered an amazing opportunity to go back to Israel. I took it! I am currently en route, traveling from Cleveland, OH to New York, NY. Then on to Paris, France, and finally arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Once in Israel I will make my way to Jerusalem to meet the rest of the group. 

I will be touring Israel with the guys from Sonlife, which is an awesome ministry that focuses on making disciples (who make disciples who make disciples) by studying the life of Christ and simply doing what he did! I love Sonlife. I love the guys that I will be traveling with. Doug Holliday is one of my favorite guys in the whole world. Joel Zaborowski, Josh Yates, Jay Fast, Dean Plumlee, Joshua Edwards, and Chris Selby are other incredible men of God whom I know and love and am excited to get a chance to hang out with in Israel. All of these men I deeply appreciate and admire and look forward to learning from and learning with. 

I am excited to meet other men and women of God, as well. I believe there will be 38 of us altogether. 

While we are in Israel we will be studying the chronological life of Christ. What did he do? Where? When? In what order? Why? How?

By asking these questions and digging in to the answers, I hope to learn how to better apply his method to my own desire to live out the Great Commission by making disciples (who make disciples who make disciples). I will be journaling, taking pictures, and blogging along the way. You are welcome to virtually travel with me as I once again run where Jesus walked and try to learn from the life of the One who gave me life. It should be an exciting journey!


Israel 2017

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