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Midweek Worship Connection (May 17, 2017)

Midweek Worship Connection | Episode 10

This week’s episode started with the question: “Have you ever been forgotten?”

After a rousing rendition of “Everywhere I Go”, we dug deeper into that question by looking at Daniel 5.

I am amazed at how quickly Daniel was forgotten! Here is a man who was unlike any other in the entire kingdom. Not once, but twice Daniel was able to skillfully interpret a dream for King Nebechadnezzar. Once, Daniel even told the secret content of the dream before giving the interpretation!

Daniel had been lifted to position of chief of the magicians, enchanters, Chaldeans, and astrologers, and yet was completely forgotten by the next king.

How sad, and yet how common!

I would like to look at this truth through three different lenses.

First, you will be forgotten. I will, too. We live the best that we can, and then the next generation completely forgets about us. Perhaps this realization will make us both more interested in considering those who were before us (whom we have forgotten about) and will also make us more humble. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously (I sure do). Realizing that what I do today will, in a large part, be forgotten tomorrow helps me to focus on today and not take myself too seriously.

Second, you will not be forgotten. Neither will I. Though the world will quickly forget about us, God will NEVER forget about us. The things that we do here on earth really matter and will be remembered by God for eternity!

Third, there is a Man in whom is the Spirit of God -He is light and understanding and wisdom. He has been seated at the right hand of God in heaven and has been given all authority and all power… and we often forget about Him!

In Daniel 5, King Belshazzar was doing something foolish and put himself in a bad situation. He was filled with fear because he felt like he had nowhere to turn for peace, comfort, and answers. He forgot about Daniel. But how often do we do something foolish and put ourselves in a bad situation -only to forget about Jesus?

May we not take ourselves too seriously. May we know that God is always watching over us. And may we be quick to remember Jesus at all times.

The episode ended with a song I wrote with Rocky Favia, Jr. that we simply titled “Psalm 139”.



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