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10k October (Whistling Pines Update #8)

What have I gotten myself in to?!

I finished my first loop. Suddenly just watching doesn’t sound so bad. Haha. 

Trail running is hard. You have to earn every step. There is no momentum to be gained. The course switches back and forth and back and forth through the pine trees, around a lake, through the creek beds. At several points on the course you have to jump from one mound to the next. For a stretch you are running on pine needles and it feels like carpet. For the next ten minutes you are running on rocks and trying to avoid the roots and stumps. 

It is pretty crazy. 

We are still in first place. I passed two guys but they were actually behind us. Other than that I didn’t really see anyone for 6.2 miles. I ran the course in 50:34. I was hoping to do much better than that, but after seeing it and running it, I’m actually pretty happy with my time and hope I can at least maintain it for my next two outings. 



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