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5k Every Day in the Month of May (May 2)

Day two is in the books. I set out from home at my happy pace and simply ran a 5k. I was thinking about going further, but since this is only day two I didn’t want to push it.

I actually ran slightly faster than yesterday, though I felt so much slower. I ran exactly 3.1 miles in 23:58.5. That is an average pace of 7:44 per mile. I am really happy with that, especially given the circumstances.

I actually felt really tired today. Not sore, but tired. I hadn’t eaten anything (other than two cups of coffee and a Twix bar). and I started my run at 3:39pm. All of this was a really bad idea. I need to take better care of myself -especially through 5k May!

I was also feeling drained emotionally. That is part of the reason that I hadn’t had anything to eat. I had a really disheartening meeting this morning with a Youth Parent and I have been spending most of the day trying to figure out why there was so much animosity towards me.

That is just draining. I spent the afternoon documenting my journey to a Gospel Advancing Ministry to help me get my thoughts straight, and I spent my run mostly praying for this parent and their family, and asking the Lord to show me if and where I am in error. I feel like I have been faithful, and I did not sense any conviction of wrongdoing on my part, but it still bothers me that a brother has something against me.

All of this amounted to a less-than-inspiring run, but it was good to get out and move my legs. Day two is in the books.

Tomorrow morning I will be running from the Trail Head in Fredericksburg, OH at 8am. If there is anyone planning to join me, reach out by commenting or just meet me there!



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