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JPM 5k & Musik Fest FAQs

Why is the JPM 5k & Musik Fest in Winesburg this year?

I have actually already written about this in a previous blog post, but I’ll try to give a brief explanation here, as well. I had originally set the event for Saturday, September 19 in Fredericksburg, OH, but I was contacted by the people who put on the Great Grape Race every five years to see if there was any interest in combining events for 2015. Combining seemed better than competing, so we decided to move the JPM 5k & Musik Fest to Winesburg for 2015. I plan to move it back to Fredericksburg for 2016. (The event is already penciled in for Saturday, September 17, 2016.)

Do I have to register for the Family Fun Walk?

Technically you do not have to register for any of the event… You can come to run or walk and not register, you just won’t get the goodies and your time won’t count for our purposes.

When you register, you are automatically signed up for the 5k and the Family Fun Walk. The 5k will be timed, and prizes will be awarded at several levels (per gender and age).

Registration will get you a race number, a race shirt, a free brunch, and all of the goodies included in the registration bag (including 3 CDs). We even have kids-sized race shirts that will be fun for kids who are registered.

Registration also generates funds for the Jeff Polen Music Ministry, so you can think of it as a way to support the ministry, and get cool perks in the process.

Is the Musik Festival free?

The Musik Festival portion is completely free and open to the public. You do not have to register in order to attend the Musik Festival. Please come, bring friends, and invite everyone that you know.

Where do all of the proceeds go?

All of the proceeds will go towards the Jeff Polen Music Ministry. This is the only annual fundraiser for JPM. You can find out more about the ministry at:

Why a 5k & Musik Fest?

I used to do a ministry banquet, but it was poorly attended and I was looking for something that would be more fun, active, unifying, and God glorifying. I decided on a 5k because I personally enjoy running and thought it could be a fun way to get other people active, as well as raise funds for the music ministry.

The music festival portion of this event has been a dream of mine for years.  I have been a part of several “Battle of the Bands” type events throughout the years and it always left me feeling empty and sad (and not just because I lost -haha).  I’m sure that there is a place for events like that, but my desire is for less of a battle and more of a celebration.

Each of the bands, performers, and worship teams invited to the JPM 5k & Musik Festival have something unique and incredible to offer. Each has been gifted by God -and that is worth celebrating!

What is the course?

The course is a very enjoyable (and slightly challenging) out and back road course with a natural turnaround. I have been describing it as being like a mini “Amish Country Half” type course.

The elevation change is practically 1 mile downhill, half a mile up, then turn around and do it in reverse. The last mile is definitely the tough part.

Musik Festival map

How do I register?

You can register on the day of the event, but it is so much more helpful to us if you register in advance. To register online, simply click here.

How can I help?

Getting the word out is the best way to help! There are DIY printable flyers located on this page. Please print them out, hand them out, hang them up, share the event online, and come be a part of the event yourself on Saturday, September 19 in Winesburg, OH.




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