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A Quick Trip to Kentucky

Our family packed our bags and took a quick weekend trip to Kentucky. There was the obvious excitement of hotel SWIMMING POOLS in the middle of this crazy winter weather, which would have been vacation enough for our kids, but that was not actually the main point of our trip.

The main point of our trip was twofold.

1. We wanted to see and experience the Creation Museum for ourselves. We have heard about it and have wanted to go for a while, but we finally decided to make it a reality this weekend.

2. We wanted to see and experience Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. KY. That part has not entirely happened yet, although we did drive around the complex (and got a little bit lost… Yes, it is that big).

The Creation Museum was definitely worth seeing for ourselves. I am a Ken Ham and Answers In Genesis fan to begin with. I have found their resources, and most of Ken Ham’s teaching and writing, to be incredibly insightful and hugely helpful to the church -although largely dismissed or disagreed with. I won’t get into that here, but suffice it to say that I am already a fan.

The museum was certainly not a letdown. It was a bit pricey (the “2 by 2 Pricing” that they have going on was helpful, but it still cost us around $80 for our family to get in). I was personally not a fan of all the gimmicky garbage that they have going on with the green screen photo shoot in the main lobby, nor with the quality of the food in Noah’s Café, nor with the extra cost of some of the exhibits, nor with the donation stations placed throughout the museum… but overall it was a very positive experience.

The museum seems to be located in the middle of nowhere, and doesn’t really appear to be that large from the road, but there is quite a lot to see on the inside. In fact, the admission ticket is good for two days since they figure you cannot take it all in with just one visit. That was pretty cool. We will not be able to take advantage of that with this particular trip,  but it is good to know for next time.

Our kids loved the museum. There was plenty to grab the attention of our kids ages 2-8, and even more for me and my wife to take in. I could have spent a lot more time in the museum.

A highlight for me was the Noah’s Ark portion. I cannot wait for the life-sized version of Noah’s Ark to be built. We will definitely be back for that. Our next trip will be in the summer so we can also take advantage of the outdoor activities -especially the ropes course.

After leaving the Creation Museum, we headed further south to Louisville, KY. I have wanted to visit Southeast Christian Church for a while, and we plan to do that tomorrow morning.

Since we are staying at a hotel just one mile from the church, we decided to drive by and get a feel for what the campus is like. It is HUGE. I’m not sure how else to describe it. It is huge.

We pulled in to Entrance 2 and drove around the building. I literally got lost. It is that big. There are parking lots,  buildings, and ball fields all over the place. I would guess that you may be able to fit 100 Creation Museums inside the Southeast Christian Church complex.

Tomorrow morning we plan to see what is going on inside of the buildings. I have heard really good things.

Afterwards we will head back to our temporary home. The weather is supposed to be really bad, so I am a little nervous for the drive.  We need to get back in time for Week 2 of my recording classes, which will start Monday morning. I will soon be posting blog updates about my classes, but so far I will simply say that classes are going well. They are hurting my brain, but they are going well.



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