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Our Savior Reigns

I have been writing songs for a long time. While I was in a country band, I wrote something like 50 songs (conservative estimate). As I look back now, I am a little embarrassed to admit that most of those songs were either completely untrue, or written about something that really doesn’t have any significant relevance.

Once I surrendered my life to Christ, I continued writing songs, but the content has shifted substantially. Now my passion is to write songs for the church. With the band Polen, I have written and recorded a little over 2 dozen Contemporary Christian songs. Some of them work in the church, and some of them are just really for personal worship. I also started a songwriting project with a group of local worship leaders a couple of years ago. We call ourselves the “SongWriter’s Guild”. The four of us have written about a dozen songs for our churches, and many of them are being played on Sunday mornings.

This year I wrote a song that is extra special to me. I wrote it with 4 members of our church whom I have been discipling for the past number of years. The song is called “Our Savior Reigns.” We have used the song a couple of times in our church services at MCA, and I am excited to see the new thing that God is doing in our midst.

The Bible says to sing a new song unto the LORD (Psalm 96:1). There is no end to God, and there is no end to the songs that can be sung about His goodness, grace, and love.

“Our Savior Reigns” has been recorded and is available for free download at



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