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The Beatitudes (not really, though)

We made a quick stop at a church where the sermon on the mount may have taken place. The church and landscape were quite beautiful, but this was probably the most uneventful stop on our trip so far.

There was at least one interesting thing here, though. At the entrance was a sign that I took to be “the Beatitudes on Graphic format”. Apparently they read as follows:

1. Blessed are those who do not have pets.

2. Blessed are those who do not wear shorts.

3. Blessed are those who cover their lips with their index finger.

4. Blessed are those who stay away from martinis, forks, and knives.

5. Blessed are those who do not use guns.

6. Blessed are those who do not smoke.

On second thought, those may not have been the words of Jesus, but some of those are fairly true…




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  1. I really enjoy the updates, Jeff! Just reading these seems to bring more life to scripture. I can only imagine what it’s like to actually be there! We’ll continue praying for you guys as your journey continues.

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