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We’re Ready! (to Sleep Again)

We left the airport yesterday and immediately set out for Joppa on our way to the hotel in Tel Aviv. It was pretty neat to see the place where Jonah set sail for Tarshish and where Peter saw the vision of the sheet and “unclean” food on the roof of Simon the Tanner.

Admittedly, we were pretty tired. The tour guide was very interesting and funny, but we chose to laugh on the inside to conserve energy.

We had a great meal and went to sleep around 8pm so that we could be ready and rested up for our big day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite sleep all the way through to the morning. I’ll let Jodi explain what happened around 12:30am… Or was it 7:30am:

Before we went to bed last night I wanted to make sure my phone had the local time on it so that I could set the alarm correctly for the morning. Well, I woke up during the night and checked the time to see how much longer I could sleep. My phone said it was 12:28am so I thought, “whew, I get more sleep.” I decided to check my email on the iPad to see if we had gotten any news from back home and the time on that said the same thing, which surprised me because I was thinking it was still showing Ohio time. I checked my phone again to see what it was showing for Tel Aviv time and it showed 7:28 am. Oh no! We were supposed to leave the hotel at 7:30 am. What on earth happened and how did we over sleep? Total panic set in and we jumped out of bed, threw some clothes on, brushed our teeth and quickly packed up our things. We hadn’t even showered yet, but we didn’t have time. We didn’t want our entire group to be waiting on us. How did we miss our wake up call? We quickly made our way to the hotel lobby, but only to find out that it actually was only 12:40 am and we could go back to bed for another 5 hours. (Insert relieved, embarrassed face here). How silly. I just sent us into a tizzy for no reason at all. I guess now we know how quickly we can get ready. Now we’re going back to bed, and I’m praying we can get the wake up time right this time. Woops!




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