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Over the Atlantic

We are flying over the ocean right now. Everything seems to be going well so far. We have been treated like kings and queens on Turkish Air. When we got on board we realized that we were in “Comfort Class”. The lady at the ticket counter said that comfort class is “like Business Class on a poor man’s budget.”

We have big, comfy chairs with a ton of leg room, and we even got our own pair of complimentary in-flight slippers.

Of course, sitting on an airplane, trying to sleep, and thinking about things really made us start to miss our kids like crazy. I noticed that I was not alone in missing them and praying for them, because I heard Jodi sitting next to me crying. I thought it might be somewhat therapeutic for her to write something, so here it is:

Yep, he’s right. Sitting here in the dark trying to sleep on a plane…I just can’t stop thinking about our kids back home. I miss them very much and just keep praying for them every time I think about them because that’s the best that I can do for them right now. I’m very excited about this adventure that we get to go on, but I think being away from the adventure back home sure does make me appreciate and realize how much we’ve been blessed.




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