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Category#MWC (Season 2)

#MWC E2.13

Jeff shares the song “We Are Loved” and talks about two main points that stuck out to him in the opening chapters of Deuteronomy on this week’s #MidweekWorshipConnection.

#MWC E2.12

Jeff shares the song “Storm Chaser” and talks about some personal takeaways from his journey of reading through the Bible on this week’s #MidweekWorshipConnection.

#MWC E2.11

In this episode of #MidweekWorshipConnection, Jeff shares the most recent song he has written, “Amazing God”. He also shares some personal takeaways from his journey of reading through the Bible.

#MWC E2.10

While reading through the book of Leviticus (on the way to reading through the Bible in a year), Jeff notices that there is a lot of blood. In this episode of #MidweekWorshipConnection, he’ll talk about the blood of the sacrifice and share a song he wrote called “Pass Over Me”.

#MWC E2.9

Jeff shares a song that he is currently recording (to be released later today) called ” I Am A Branch”, written from John 15. He also talks about how God provides for his people! Many times that provision comes in the form of… other people.

#MWC E2.8

This week Jeff shares one of his favorite songs that he has written, “Deliver Me”. He also shares a great Bible reading resource and talks about the power of having the right PERSPECTIVE.

#MWC E2.7

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the time of year when so many people declare “New Year’s Resolutions”. But are New Year’s Resolutions really a good idea? Are they even Biblical? We’ll talk about it in today’s episode of MIDWEEK WORSHIP CONNECTION. Jeff also starts with a song written by the SongWriter’s Guild called, “Breathe Your Life Into Me”.

#MWC E2.6

Christmas day 2017 has come and gone. The baby that we celebrate on Christmas morning did NOT stay in the manger! In this final MIDWEEK WORSHIP CONNECTION of 2017, special guests POLEN BAND lead a song…

#MWC E2.5

For the final Advent-focused #MWC in 2017, I sing a song that I wrote back in 2003, and then talk about the “PEACE” that Jesus made possible for all humanity.