Deliver Me

A slow, hopeful worship song expressing our deep need for the LORD and celebrating the fact that He will deliver us and guide us in this life and on to the next.

God be the light
Unto my feet
Don’t let the night
Devour me

Because I am
Yours completely
God be my light
Deliver me

You are the King
Eternal Lord
Here in this life
And evermore

When I fall down
Before Your throne
In heaven I
Will be Your own

God be my light
Deliver me

My highest praise
Honor and love
Belong to You
For all You’ve done

For You have sent
Your only Son
To conquer death
And lead me home

God be my light
Deliver me

Jeff’s Song Story: Many of the great Hymns of the faith were written in perfect prosody. In other words, every line has the exact same amount of syllables in it, or there is a definite pattern of syllables throughout. In light of this, I set out to write a song that had exactly 4 syllables in each line. It was a simple songwriting exercise, and it was not an overly spiritual one.

There were nearly twenty verses in the first draft of the song -all 4 lines with 4 syllables in each line. The exercise was over and the art of “crafting” began. As I started pulling verses out, and changing lines here and there, “Deliver Me” began to take shape.

Many of the verses spoke about our deep need for God and a plea for His guidance in our lives. The simple chorus, “Hallelujah” was a 4 syllable expression of faith -knowing that He is faithful and He will deliver us.

I liked that. I especially liked the contrast of our deep need for God and the celebratory proclamation that He will, in fact, give us exactly what we need.

Although the exercise did not start out as something overly spiritual, when the song was finished, it became one of my most frequently used songs for personal worship.

It was later pointed out that devour is only 2 syllables, making the line “Devour me” only 3 total syllables, and an exception to the 4 syllable format.

Oh well.