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Newsletter & Support

The Jeff Polen Music Ministry Newsletter is moving into a completely digital format as of Summer 2016. We believe that this format will help us to be more cost-effective, and will help keep us from spamming people who no longer wish to receive the Newsletter.

We are also looking for Prayer Warriors who are willing to lift this ministry to Jesus in prayer. We understand that apart from Him we can do nothing (see John 15). We need Jesus, and we would be honored to have you praying on behalf of this ministry.

Finally, our vision is at the mercy of our resources, and we are in need of financial support in order to keep this ministry going. Our current vision far exceeds the current resources, but we are being faithful with what we have.

If you wold like to receive our JPM Ministry Newsletter, become a  JPM Prayer Warrior, or get more information about being a JPM Financial Supporter, please fill out the simple form below (and check all that apply)

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