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Jeff Polen Music

Our Vision…

Using music, speaking, teaching, and training, we are pointing believers and non-believers to Jesus Christ.

The Jeff Polen Music ministry is an invaluable resource for the local church and a steady instrument being used powerfully in the hands of God to draw unbelievers to the cross of Christ -where they can find grace, hope, and purpose through the matchless love of God.

As a family, our deepest desire is to honor the LORD with the unique gifts and talents that He has given us.

Our Journey…

Jeff began his journey with Jesus at the age of 21 after he was radically saved from a life of alcoholism and vain pursuit of fame through country music.

Jeff and Jodi were married in 2003, and surrendered their lives completely to Christ, becoming missionaries for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and serving overseas in the nations of Turkey and Egypt.

In 2006 Jeff accepted a position of Youth Pastor and Music Director at a church in Ohio, where he served faithfully for nearly a decade, equipping and challenging the students and congregation to reach their world with the GOSPEL.

Jeff and Jodi now focus full-time on the Jeff Polen Music ministry, which is dedicated to pointing others to Jesus Christ through music, preaching, teaching, and training.

Jeff and Jodi have five wonderful children: Taylor, Abigail, Piper, Elijah, and Eden.