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#MWC E3.1

Welcome back to the #MidweekWorshipConnection! It feels like it has been a long time since season 2 ended, but here we are with a brand new season… 13 episodes… 13 songs and 13 messages to help you make it through the week by taking a moment to focus on Jesus.

Thanks for tuning in!

This is going to be a bit of a different episode. At the end of the second season, I put together a short survey to ask people what they thought about the #MidweekWorshipConnection, and what, if any, changes should be made. As a result, we are making a few changes to the episodes this season, and I wanted to take this first episode to talk through the results of the survey and offer a few comments of my own as we begin season 3.

There were 7 questions on the survey, so let’s just walk through all 7.

1. #MidweekWorshipConnection is a weekly video resource from Jeff Polen Music. It features Jeff sharing a song he has written (roughly 5 minutes) and a biblical message that is on his heart (roughly 5 minutes). The video is broadcast “LIVE” on Facebook at 2pm and becomes available to watch in its entirety afterwards. A higher quality version of the video is also posted to YouTube and is available to watch anytime at (along with a pdf song sheet, song lyrics, and transcript). Is this a resource that you personally think is helpful?

100% of the people surveyed said that this was a helpful resource! Cool! That makes us happy.

2. The first season of #MidweekWorshipConnection was completely LIVE on Facebook. We used a single iPad and attempted to be interactive with the audience. Some of the episodes were around 30 minutes in length. The audio and video quality were both fairly poor. There was also no good way to use text overlays (for lyrics, scripture, or sermon points). In an attempt to make the second season better, we pre-recorded each episode, used high quality microphones, used multiple camera angles, added song lyrics, scripture, and sermon point text, and tried to keep the videos around 10 minutes in length. Do you think these were good improvements?

Again, everyone said that they thought those were good improvements. One person commented and said they thought we made good improvements, but they watch for the content, not just the looks. That’s good, because I am on the screen a lot, so if you’re tuning in for looks, you will be highly disappointed.

3. How often do you watch #MidweekWorshipConnection?

There were several options to choose from, but 45% of the people surveyed said they watched every week. 36% said fairly often, and 18% said hardly at all.

4. If / when you watch #MidweekWorshipConnection, how do you typically watch it? (Please check all that apply)

I thought this was interesting. 27% said they watch via FaceBook Live. 72% said they watch on FaceBook, but NOT live. 18% said they watch in YouTube, and 27% said they watch on the website.

This was really interesting to me. It seems that FaceBook is the best way for people to connect with the videos, but not many people are watching it live. I think part of that could be the time of day. 2pm is probably not the best time to do a FaceBook live video. So, we are making a change and officially moving the time to 4pm. Maybe we will see more interaction with the FaceBook live videos that way.

By the way, even though the videos are pre-recorded, I am physically sitting in front of a computer making it play and am available to participate in the comments section as the video is playing. So feel free to interact with the video as if I am able to respond -because I am!

One of my big disappointments with #MidweekWorshipConnection from the first season, where we were totally live, was that it was difficult to interact with the audience. There was constantly a 10 to 30 second lag between someone asking a question and me actually receiving it in order to respond. So I didn’t feel like we lost near as much as we gained by moving to pre-recorded. It was also a way to get my lovely wife involved. She is the faithful #MidweekWorshipConnection camerawoman.

Hi, Jodi.

5. Would you consider sharing #MidweekWorshipConnection with others?

Most people said yes. One person said no. One person said, “If I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to do so.” I am not the Holy Spirit, but He does live inside of me. He is telling you to share it. I’m kidding… not really, though.

6. Do you think the #MidweekWorshipConnection should continue?

Nearly everyone said “Yes!” One person commented and said, “Heck yes!”

7. Do you have any feedback about #MidweekWorshipConnection that you would like to share?”

Several people commented with really encouraging feedback, so thank you for that.

One person said,

“We love it. Our problem is finding time to watch it. Be cautious in making them too long. One minor thing is multiple camera angles. I would guess that takes extra time and resources. One angle is typically enough for me.”

I agree with the caution in making them too long. We strive to keep the videos under 10 minutes. As for the multiple camera angles, it actually does not take much extra time to edit the multiple angles, and I do think it keeps the videos a little more engaging. Also, it allows us to do this any time that we want to, which is cool.

Another person said,

“It challenges me and helps me with my walk with Christ. Keep up the good work.”

Awesome! This is exactly why we do it! We are so glad to hear that this resource is challenging people and helping them in their walk with Christ! Thank you for that encouragement.

Another person said,

“Some of [the episodes] came at just the right time and really encouraged me for different situations I was going through… God has worked in many areas of my life because of #MWC.”

Very cool! That’s my Jesus! He is able to use the small things and make something awesome out of them. Praise God!

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any feedback about #MidweekWorshipConnection that you want to share. If so, leave a comment below. We love to hear from you. Thanks for tuning in.

We are going to go a bit over our 10 minute time limit, but while you are commenting, we are going to leave you with a little blast from the past. This is a Polen Band music video from 2010, “We All Fall Down”. Enjoy! And we’ll see you next week on #MidweekWorshipConnection.

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